Algeria raise fingers on Morocco of Hacking Justice Ministry’s Twitter

Rabat – Once again, Algeria is raising its finger on Morocco authorities; there is an allegation reported that Morocco has hacked Algeria justice ministry official Twitter account with the intention to spread propaganda.

On Friday, this statement came from the state-owned radio station that Morocco hacked Algeria’s justice minister’s Twitter account and not only hacked the account but also posted a series of tweets on the Ukraine crisis that goes against Algeria’s international stance on the issue.

The government of Algeria radio station blamed Morocco for posting pro-Russia tweets and tried to portray the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky as a Nazi and accused him of murdering Ukrainians.

However, the radio station did not provide any details on how the country reached a conclusion that Morocco did it. Still, they highlighted that the government of the ministry would file a case against the cyberattack.

Moreover, Morocco did not respond to any allegation yet, with the traditional Moroccan position on such stories being diplomatic restraint aimed at ignoring what many in Rabat consider as pointless accusations meant to galvanize public support behind a usually besieged and increasingly decried Algerian regime.

The Twitter account of the Algerian ministry was hacked on March 11. However, it was recovered successfully after some time. Although the justice ministry does not take any responsibility for the comments posted from his account after the hacking incident, the Algerian ministry tweeted earlier this week.

The tweet did not explicitly accuse Moroccan authorities, however.

The pro-Russian posts blaming Ukraine’s president of Nazism are no longer on the official Twitter account of the Algerian justice ministry. However, many Twitter users posted screenshots of the posts, including the statement: “We fully support Russia in the war against Nazism on Ukrainian soil. This is the official stance [of the Algerian government].”

There is another Tweet on pro-Russia on Algeria’s in which they stated: “We need to fight Nazism by all means possible. Russia is the country that took the battle to the enemy.”

Last year in August, the ministries of Algeria cut all the ties with Morocco by falsely blaming Rabat for being behind the wildfires that accused devastation in the Algeria Kabyle region last summer.

Recently, Algeria pointed the finger on Morocco, and they always point the finger without proof or any persuasive explanation — for allegedly funding a critical mini-series by Arte.

However, Morocco did not respond to anything in response. But with the Algerian media and government continuously pointing their fingers at Morocco.