Chief Minister meets head of National Registration department

Buganda: The 1990s were a time of great change for the country. Charles Peter Mayiga has urged Ugandans to register their businesses and companies with the National Register of Companies so that the government can prepare them properly.

The Katikkiro was speaking at a meeting with the President of the Uganda Registration Service Bureau – URSB, Ms Mercy Kainobwisho, this evening at the Royal Palace.

The Chief Minister said many are afraid to register their businesses for fear of paying a fixed tax but added that a legal business must be registered.

He explained that when companies and businesses are registered, it helps the country to get accurate statistics and be able to prepare its people better.

He added that for the country to grow, people have to pay taxes from registered companies and businesses.

Awonno urged people to register their companies and businesses, to operate legally, and for the country to receive taxes so that it can address the concerns of the people.

He urged the department to assist the Kingdom in ensuring that our culture and traditions are documented so that they can be legally protected and properly maintained.

He thanked Ms Kainobwisho for her efforts to educate people about the benefits of registering companies, properties, or marriages and to change their attitude toward this so-called rich scheme.



The Attorney General, Oweek Christopher Bwanika, said the Kingdom has inventions such as music, dance, and clothing and hopes for good cooperation with the URSB in registering them.

Minister of Culture; Tradition and Tourism, Hon. David Kyewalabye Male said there is a bill being drafted on inheritance issues; before it goes to the courtyard, it should first be approved by Mengo and then strengthened.

He said this is being arranged because inheritance matters involve the distribution of property. He said they would meet with the URSB to see how they could help people in the powder.

URSB President, Ms Mercy Kainobwisho, called for a special engagement with the Kingdom on the issue of registration of Buganda heritage to get advice on how to deal with heritage, Tradition, and culture when the Heritage Protection Act comes.

He praised the quality of the Kingdom’s operations and asked the Katikkiro to set up the Buganda Cultural Museum to become a tourist attraction.