Chikwawa District farm cooperatives hail govt support

Malawi: Farmers in Chikwawa District have appreciated the government of Malawi for helping the Farming cooperatives. The cooperatives have been receiving funding through the Agricultural Commercialisation (AGCOM) Project.

The funds received through this initiative are being utilized for the benefit of the farming community of the district. The assistance of the government has been helping many organizations get access to crucial resources.


Some farmers, who are financially vulnerable can get the support that they need from the cooperative and support their agricultural endeavours. The leadership of the cooperatives have taken the opportunity to appreciate the government for their support to the local farmers

The Office of the President and Cabinet of Malawi recently conducted a project inspection tour of Chikwawa. During the visit,  Chairperson for Katunga-Maseya (KAMA) Cooperative, Collins Mtalika, took the opportunity to applaud government’s AGCOM.

The leadership of the Cooperatives have shared the initiative of the government is helping them immensely in carrying out crucial developments. The members of the beneficiary cooperatives highlighted that “We received funding from AGCOM last year” The funding in question amounted to K5.3 billion.

The aim of the release of funds was to develop 1,069 hectares of land in the district. He highlighted that “Right now the development of our irrigation schemes is at an advanced stage,” said Mtalika.

He described mega farms as a good initiative that if well implemented has the potential to empower farmers economically.

“We have already started benefitting from the mega farms and we are optimistic that our lives will completely change both economically and socially,” added Mtalika.


One of the farmers, Martin Nnesa, said he constructed a decent house and supports his family through cooperative farming.

“After selling the sugarcane, we share the money, according to the hectares of your own land and this has improved my life,” said Nnesa.

KAMA Cooperative has over 2,000 farmers.

Government launched the private sector mega farms in 2023 to revamp the agricultural sector so that it should achieve economic growth.