Kanye hosts Comedy/Drama Regional Art Festival

The people of Kanye celebrated the Drama and Comedy Regional Arts Festival as a part of the National Arts Festivals

BAC International Academic Conference lends platform for educational discourse

Botswana Accountancy College (BAC) hosted a International Academic Conference for three days lending platform to Innovation and Creativity

20 year old shot in leg after attempting robbery at Mweemba Farm

A young boy of was shot in his leg after he broke into the Mweemba Farm during a robbery attempt at a chicken coop

Malawi enters ILO governing body as Titular Member

The International Labour Organization elected Malawi to serve as Titular Member of the Governing Body for the next three years 3-year term

Sunbird Travel and Tours announces Royal Zambezi Tour Package

Sunbird Travel and Tours announced the Royal Zambezi Lodge Tour Package for travel enthusiasts looking for an authentic Safari Experience