Cops missed critical part of evidence at Hillary Gardee’s murder, blames family

Pretoria:  According to the family of slain Hillary Gardee and the Economic Freedom Fighters that the South African Police Service (SAPS) completely missed the main evidence at the crime scene where the body of the 28 years old university student was found. 

The SAPS on Wednesday assured that Gardee had a gunshot injury on her upper body after it initially reported on Tuesday that the killed woman had been discovered “with bruises on her body”.

As per the Thursday interview, a Gardee family spokesperson stated that the ship had sailed regarding the bullet injuries. 

According to family spokesperson ‘Sinwo Thambo’, also EFF national spokesperson, “the bullet discovery is long due. It no longer adds sense to the conversation, so we have communicated that it has dented our faith in the policing strategy. If they can miss such a crucial thing at a crime scene, they can’t. That crime scene no more adds value anymore.”

They missed the crucial part of the investigation; we will be waiting for updates from them. Hopefully, they can save themselves and find these killers in due course so that family can have a sense of closure that what actually happened to their daughter.”

Hillary is the first-born daughter of ex EFF secretary general Godrich Gardee, who was born in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1994. Before her untimely death, she was also a student at the University of South Africa (Unisa), studying IT part-time while operating her own IT business.

She was just a 28-year-old woman, and she went missing on Friday, April 29, after she was last seen at the local Nelspruit Plaza Super Spar just after 5 pm. 

She was not alone, she was along with her three-year-old girl, and she was planning to adopt. 

The child was returned home safely after being found in the street in Kamagugu hours after the pair went missing.