Cyberlux Corp (OTCMKTS: CYBL) Announces the Acquisition of CTMC Drone Solutions, LLC as the Technology Platform for Company’s Step into the Drone Solutions Market

Cyberlux Corp (OTCMKTS: CYBL), on August 31, announced that it added CTMC Drone Solutions, LLC to its business as its drone platform, along with crucial technology assets and resources, building the foundation for the Cyberlux drone unit and FlightEye drone Solutions. A leading renewable energy provider of LED lighting and technology solutions, Cyberlux, owns the new business unit, which will focus on UAS, drone technology, manufacturing, intellectual development of properties, drone services, and commercial and government sales.

Cyberlux Corp’s Aims & Plans


As a result of this agreement, Cyberlux owns 100% of CTMC, LLC for a collection of $2,275,000 in shares of stocks. Moreover, the equity incentives for continued value appreciation, a three-year earnout period of cash, revenue development, and technology growth milestones.

Cyberlux was looking to build the production and technology capability to make ongoing enhancements in profit, revenue, and shareholder value through this platform. Also, plans to make future investments for product development and working capital for expansion of the business. The specific terms of the agreement are restricted in the disclosure until Cyberlux is entirely pink current information on the OTC Markets.

Advancement of Existing Technologies

In addition to that, FlightEye Solutions will enhance its technology to build next-generation UAS products with military-grade. And drone solutions built with Cyberlux LED Lightning, night vision with infrared capability, LiDAR mapping, thermal sensor capability, and monitoring eye in the sky technologies. This enhancing business will focus on existing DOD requirements and BAA with the development, including monitoring alert systems, collision avoidance, geofencing capabilities, urban areas operation, beyond the line of sight operations, multiple drones operation OS, and other significant priorities. Moreover, to consolidate its UAS capabilities, Cyberlux transferred all related existing technology into the business unit of FlightEye Solutions. Currently, Cyberlux is continuing partnerships with UAS companies and drone capabilities providers. In addition, Cyberlux is bringing the future through acquisitions, organic growth, and the commercialization of technologies.