Dead body of 33 yr old found on road: Mount Vernon – KZN

South Africa: The Reaction unit of South Africa have found the body of a 33 year old man on on Inanda Road near Mount Vernon. The members of the public found the body of ethe deceased during the early hours of the Sunday morning.

A taxi driver contacted the Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) Operations Centre at approximately 00:24 after seeing the man. The Officers from the officers  were immediately dispatched from the scene of the crime.


Further, on arrival at the Inanda Road near Mount Vernon, the officers found the man bleeding from an injury. He had been injured on his face & the back of his head. There was no sign of the suspects on the road.

It is being suspected that the people responsible for injuring the victim fled the scene before someone could spot them. The roads of the Verulam region have been known to be unsafe for the general public.

The reaction officers were not able to confirm whether he had been shot by the unknown suspect(s). The officials found the victim’s driver’s license and a set of keys between his legs. Further investigation into the incident has been handed over to the Verulam SAPS.

The feeling of insecurity has been affecting the people of the Verulam district who believe their families are unsafe in the district. The incidents of criminal offenses have been recording an upward incline within the region.

The Reaction Unit of South Africa has been working on dissuading criminal activities of the country, especially the Verulam region. They have teamed up with other law enforcement agencies within the country to accomplish a reduction in crime.

Recently, RUSA organized a joint operation within the Verulam South Africa Police Service to make the roads of the country safer. The region has become the epicentre of shooting, hijacking and assault incidents, calling out the administration for their inaction.


The people believe that the perpetrators of the crime in the region have become very bold and do not fear the consequences.