Egypt sends humanitarian aid to South Sudan

In collaboration with the Egyptian Red Crescent, a military transport plane took off from East Cairo Air Base bound for Juba International Airport in South Sudan, carrying considerable medical and humanitarian aid.

This follows President Abdel Fattah al-orders, Sisi’s and is part of Egypt’s initiative in assisting South Sudan through various crises and Egypt’s pioneering role in helping the African continent in times of adversity.


In December, an Egyptian military transport plane took off from East Cairo Air Base bound for Juba Airport, the assets of South Sudan, carrying tonnes of medical. The Ministry of Health and Population has provided medical and pharmaceutical aid to South Sudan in order to alleviate some of the country’s burdens.

South Sudan Officials appreciated the efforts of Egypt’s in support of African countries in their needs and has aggravated the long-standing historical connections between both countries.

Egypt began planning to implement a malaria control project in South Sudan before in July, which would be funded by the Egyptian Agency for Partnership for Development (EAPD).

In collaboration with EAPD and in Egyptian Embassy in Juba, arranged a visit for a delegation from the Inrad Research and Development Corporation to visit South Sudan from June to 18 to discuss the issue.

The Egyptian delegation also met with the spokesperson of WHO (World Health Organisation) in South Sudan, where he gave a presentation on the technology which used in the proposed project and the role in fighting naiads causing malaria, as well as their previous experiences where he gave a presentation in implementing similar projects in Africa.