Nigeria will not be a place where anybody comes and dumps banned chemicals- NAFDAC

According to the NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control), has verified that Nigeria will not be a place where anybody comes and dumps banned chemicals from other countries.

According to Prof Mojisola Adeyeye, who served as a Director-General in NAFDAC, disapproved the hint that there is 40 percent of those brands of pesticides products which is banned in Nigeria for their use and its restricted by the European Union can be harmful to people health, animals, and for the whole environment in Nigeria.


During the International, Conference NAFDAC banned chemicals and pesticides like Rotterdam Convention- a global pact that facilitated made this decision by nations with regard to saving people from dangerous pesticides and chemicals.

According to comments in the two-day top management committee meeting held in Lagos, Adeyeye mentioned that the chemicals banned by the international convention would never get permission as raw material for production in future.

NAFDAC took the responsibility to ensure that chemical products produced in Nigeria and those imported from other countries must need the government’s approval and from the International standards.

NAFDAC also mentioned that any pesticide or chemicals imported into the Nigerian market need the current Free Sale Certificate authorised by the Nigerian Embassy in the exporting country stated by Adeyeye.

From her point of view, the European Union uses lower Maximum Residual Limits (MRLs) compared to most other CODEX members of nations.

Thus, the EU raised observations for the codex administration and after that World Trade Organisation to take note. She further explained that the products with active ingredients, those accepted by the codex members, are not allowed in the EU, not even in Nigeria.


In Nigeria, products like pesticides and agrochemicals should be used in a very careful and responsible way. The Agency said we support the collaboration with relevant stakeholders such as CropLife Nigeria and the Nigeria Agro-Input Dealers Association (NAIDA) in order to give training to dealers of agro-chemicals in Nigeria to be listed and, in turn, teaching farmers on responsible use.






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