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Elisabeth Röhm, Peter Glatzer and their Engagement!

Elisabeth Röhm, the German-American television cum film actress has officially declared about her engagement to Peter Glatzer, a film producer, and hotel developer.

The couple told the PEOPLE while interacting with them that Rohm, 48 is all set to toe the knot with Peter Glatzer.

The Law & Order alum, Elisabeth said, “We’ve been together for almost a year and look forward to celebrating our love and commitment to each other this winter. We now live together in Beachwood Canyon.”

Meanwhile, Peter also joked, “I ‘played it cool,’ before getting down on one knee.”

He also notes, “We drove up to Santa Barbara for the night and the ruse was just a quick get-away. Of course, I brought the ring and champagne. We went to the rooftop of the hotel, where the views were beautiful and I played it cool while some people left the area. Then, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I dropped down on one knee.”

The actress claimed that the moment she meet Peter she felt an ‘Instant Connection,’ and their bond of friendship soon turned to a sea of romantic relationship.

She mentioned, “We met through a very close mutual friend and had an instant connection and a beautiful strong bond. Thanks to COVID slowing us down, we had the opportunity to recognize and acknowledge that the friendship between us had become much more.”

Also, her beau adds to her statement and stated, “The moment I met her four years ago, I felt so drawn to her. Since she was seeing someone at the time, I pursued a friendship. I’m so glad that I did. It’s a great basis for a marriage.”

Notably, the pair has made i clear that they strongly believe and share a passion for sustainability and also are planning for a ‘zero-waste’ wedding.

Rohm noted, “Peter started a sustainable lifestyle brand called SHFT with Adrian Grenier in 2010 and has been developing sustainable hotels for the past few years. He and I share an environmental ethos and are involved with some of the same organizations.”

Further, Peter added and said, “We both feel the sustainable imperative strongly, so we bonded over that. We plan to have a sustainable, zero-waste affair celebrating our love in the winter.”



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