France advises PM Johnson to use Frost’s exit to rebuild trust with EU


The French Minister to EU affairs, Clement Beaune, says the resignation of David Frost is the only source for the UK to improve its relations with the European Union (EU).

Minister Clement Beaune, suggested that Downing Street should use the moment to reset the troubled relationship. He added, “We already had difficult relations, but we always continued the dialogue.”

“Meanwhile, I want to wish David Frost the best as he has resigned.” It is duty of the British government to focus on building trust with France and the European Union (EU) in the interest of all.”

The foreign secretary, Liz Truss take on responsibility for EU affairs, has done little to clarify how the prime minister will tackle the currently ongoing matters.

Truss rose to be among the most vocal backers of Brexit.

An EU diplomat on Lord Frost’s resignation said, “Optimistically” the new negotiator will be more practical and will make healthy relations with the EU and its member states a priority over tracking an unmixed, antagonistic Brexit – we’re not holding our breath.”

But there are some worries about the future, few tears will be shed in Brussels over Frost’s departure from the scene. He had the willingness to negotiate to the edge, even on the light-matter of the Irish border. Frost inherited and completed the talks on the Northern Ireland protocol in the withdrawal agreement, an agreement that made sure that there is no border on the island of Ireland.

Role of David Frost in the European Union:

David Frost was Chief Negotiator of task force Europe from January 2020 until his resignation in December 2021.

He was elected to the House of Lords as a life peer in September 2020
Frost rose to become a Minister of State for EU Relations and a full member of the cabinet on March 1, 2021. Until he resigned on 18 December 2021