18 countries that were red listed in UK are not in the list anymore

The United Kingdom has decided to remove all the remaining countries on the red list. The UK agreed on this after consulting with the UK Health Security Agency (UKSHA).

Some countries have been on the red list ever since the COVID-19 started to mark countries across Europe.

The countries removed from the red list are Eswatini, Angola, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Lesotho, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

It means that the passengers who belong to these countries will not have to undergo hotel quarantine for several days after arrival in the UK.

Moreover, the passengers who already booked their hotels in managed quarantine after 4 am, December 15 will get back their money.

According to statement given by UK authorities, “as omicron cases rise in the UK and countries around the world, the red travel list is less effective in slowing the incursion on the variant from abroad.”

The red list had served its purpose by delaying the spread of omicron into the UK by time for the government.

The UK has also decided to continue with the pre-departure test two days before they arrive. This means that a PCR test is still a must, and it doesn’t matter if the passenger is already vaccinated.

They also need to isolate themselves until they get their positive COVID report. The same pre-departure test will apply to those who are not vaccinated, and a PCR test on the second and eighth day, while self-isolating for a total of ten days.

The UK is still thinking that the COVID-19 test is important to continue in order to save the citizens and control any other case of the omicron virus.

Health and Social care secretary Sajid Javid said that, “Omnicron had spread so widely across the world, the travel red list is now less effective. Whilst we will continue the temporary testing measures for international travel.”

Nowadays, the UK is focusing more on booster vaccines for all adults in the country. This is the best way to keep safe from COVID-19 and Omnicron.