Fuel price hike not caused by domestic factors: Cornelius Mweetwa

Malawi: The government of Zambia has recently announced a hike in the prices of fuel for the country. Members and supporters of the United Kwacha Alliance have blamed the government for the price hike. The narrative has been challenged by the Chief Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa.

The supporters of UKA believe that the constant fluctuation in fuel prices are being caused by the failure of the government to manage the situation. The national government spoksesperson has refuted these claims and attempts to politicize the issue.


He has clarified that the rise in fuel price was determined by rising pump prices on the global market. He asserted that the situation had nothing to do with any domestic factors. Energy Regulation Board (ERB) had announced the rise in the national fuel prices recently.

The increase in the fuel prices suggests an overall hike in the cost of living for the people. In line with this, the people of the country are unhappy with the situation. Many people have taken the opportunity to blame the ruling political party for the situation.

Meanwhile, the political party in the country’s opposition have been politicizing the issue ever since the original announcement.

Meanwhile, Cornelius Mweetwa who is also Minister of Information and Media made the clarification during a media engagement in Choma district. He also added that the government does not intend to provide any fuel subsidies.

He recollected that the government has continued to provide support to through various economic sectors. They have offered free education, and school bursaries to mitigate the social and economic challenges being faced by citizens.

Mweetwa also clarified that the increased maize flow price to K330 from K280 is also an endeavour by the government. The aim of the administration is to not only sustain food supply amidst the drought but also to ensure small-scale farmer get a profit for their labour.


The Chief Government Spokesperson also refuted the claim that the government has continued to export maize to neighbouring countries. One  of the nations on the list include Tanzania and another was Kenya.

He clarified that government only exported maize to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The service was also discontinued when the drought was imminent in the country.