Gen Kale Kayihura conducts a 21km marathon amid celebration of Lt Gen Muhoozi’s birthday

Ex- Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has, jointly with his community in Katebe, Kashagama in Lyantonde District, run a 21-kilometre marathon to celebrate the UPDF Land Forces’ Commander Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s Birthday.

Lt Gen Muhoozi is also the first son and has had a series of events to celebrate his 48th Birthday, which is running throughout the weekend.


Gen Kayihura and his community went out early morning, singing war songs and chanting “songs mbele”, which loosely translates to “go forward”.

The run wrapped the hill of Katebe in Lyantonde, Nyabitanga in Ssembabule and Kinoni in Kiruhura District.

While discussing about the marathon, Gen Kayihura stated that it was a dedication to Lt Gen Muhoozi for the patriotic work he is doing for Uganda and Africa and for celebrating his 48th Birthday Anniversary.

Lt Gen Muhoozi recently made a case for Gen Kayihura’s pardon, suggesting that the former IGP had been punished enough.

Lt Gen Muhoozi stated through his tweet in which he wrote, “Gen K Kayihura was one of those special cadres in the early 1990s who is the one who motivates us so that we can serve our nation. Others were late Generals Mayombo and Kazini. If he makes mistakes, let us use revolutionary work methods to rectify them. I request the CIC to forgive and rehabilitate him.”

In reply, Gen Kayihura stated Lt Gen Muhoozi “is an angel to me”.


Meanwhile, Kayihura’s marathon tracks another one in Kampala earlier today, which was flagged off by Lt Gen Muhoozi.

Gen Muhoozi praised the participants at the marathon Lt and told them it was not about him but the country.

This is all is not related to the MK try bUt to the country. If you do not save your country, then who will protect it for you?” he posed.

The marathons are only a prototype of a whole weekend filled with activity. A concert is expected at Lugogo cricket oval later today, while a highly classified dinner that is expected to feature a number of Heads of State will wind up the weekend on Sunday at State House Entebbe.

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