George Tataw wears unique Seed Coat Outfit to Mask Gala #CAMIFF2024  

Cameroon International Film Festival 2024 is the latest talk of the town. As it comes to an end, interesting and creative looks of the African celebrities have revealed from the red carpet of #CAMIFF2024.

Recently, Cameroonian content creator – George Tataw was praised for his unique outfit. His inventiveness was appreciated by the designers.


A video has been unveiled by the artist in which the outfit is being removed by the makers and the helpers. It is surprising that it took the makers three to four hours to take off the glued seed coat.

The Seed Coat Outfit, was very difficult to wear and it was even more difficult to take it out and remove it. In the shared video, the content creator Tataw can be heard saying, “At the beginning of the whole thing, it was difficult to do it, but now to think of it, this was not really difficult but was just so painful.”

George Tataw continued and said, “Because we never figured out how to take off the Glue, without it as I have my body on which it is sticked.”

The content creator told further, “It was common and can be clearly seen that the glue was also put on my head to stick the seeds, but I asked them not to put the warm water as it is easier to take it took just like that.”

“But it took us all about three to four hours to remove those seeds and the glue,” said the artist.

Poster of Mask Gala Party at CAMIFF 2024
Poster of Mask Gala Party at CAMIFF 2024

Reportedly, George Tataw attended the ‘Mask Gala Party’ of #CAMIFF2024 which was held on Friday, April 26, 2024.


The Gala event was attended by several celebrity artists considering Ruth Kadiri, Staley Enow, Aunt Felicia and other renowned named of the industry.

#CAMIFF2024 began on Monday, April 22, 2024 and today is the last day of the event. The international film festival consisted of many of the greatest fun and entertainment activities.

Involving masterclasses of film-making, acting and cinematography by the experts of the industry and included the screening of various art films which were highly recognised by the critics.

Poster of CAMIFF 2024
Poster of CAMIFF 2024

Recognised by numerous people and other artists for his unique dress, the comments section got filled with the suggestions and opinions of the supporters.

Another famous digital creator, Gisele Diamond commented, “I actually thought it was a normal outfit. Like I said, the creativity is dope but it’s creepy. This will make good costume for the movie sector. Nice one!!”

A lady with the username, Nkiwa’s Legacy suggested, “They were supposed to put plastic or something else before wearing the wig cap and then gum to this.”