Ghana’s Blackstars flaunt traditional dress ‘Kente’, Read Here:

The National Football Team ‘Black Stars’ of Ghana appeared in their traditional outfit 'Kente' in Ivory Coast at AFCON 2023.

National Football Team of Ghana - Black Stars arrived in traditional dress 'Kente'
National Football Team of Ghana - Black Stars arrived in traditional dress 'Kente'

The National Football Team ‘Black Stars’ of Ghana appeared in their traditional outfit ‘Kente’ and made a stylish entry in Ivory Coast at AFCON 2023.

With their unique entry, they made a distinct impression as they arrived in traditional garments that have a cultural significance. Displaying their heritage was really a proud moment for the Black Stars.


Black Stars wowed their fans and melted hearts with their stunning and cultural ‘Kente’ outfits. The West Africans will play in Group B along with Egypt.

The four-time AFCON champions, Black Stars of Ghana, made the stylish entry as they aim to end their 42-year continental title drought at this year’s edition of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

The Ghana team reached Ivory Coast on Jan 10 to compete in Group B against strong contenders like Egypt, who are seven-time African Champions, alongside West Africans Cape Verde and the mambas of Mozambique, who made their fifth appearance in the tournament.

Black Stars Team in traditional outfit Kente drapped over white kaftan
Black Stars Team in traditional outfit Kente draped over white kaftan

Black Star Ghana walked in style in Ivory Coast

As the competition arrived near, the remaining 23 participants of the team gradually made their way to Ivory Coast with the Atlas Lions of Morocco, who landed in Abidjan on Sunday, per Confederation Africaine de Football (CAF).

However, The Black Stars took the opportunity to flaunt their cultural heritage and style on their arrival.

The 27 players and coaching staff appeared at the venue dressed in white kaftans and added a touch of vibrancy with carefully woven and colourful Kente fabric draped over their attire. The Kente was a fusion of tradition and sophistication.


‘Kente’ represents culture.

The Ghana National Football team sported elegant white kaftans while leaving Kumasi, but arriving at the airport in Ivory Coast, the team embraced their cultural heritage by pulling on traditional Kente and slippers.

According to a renowned site, ‘Kente’ cloth stands as a powerful emblem of Ghanian culture, known worldwide for its exquisite beauty, elaborative designs and profound cultural importance.

Kente cloth is an iconic symbol of Ghanaian culture that has gained global recognition and admiration for its beauty. The cloth is woven with intricate patterns and represents deep cultural significance.

As per the cultural significance, Kente cloth can be found in the history of the Ashanti Kingdom, presently which is known as Ghana.

It was originally created as a royal cloth worn exclusively by the king and his courtiers. Kente cloth is a symbol of pride and identity for people of African descent around the world.

Black Stars Team Mates in Traditional Kente outfit
Black Stars Team Mates in Traditional Kente outfit

How Kente was created!

Kente cloth was first created by the two brothers Kurugu and Ameyaw. They got the idea while they were hunting in the forest and came across a spider weaving a web.

They were fascinated by the intricate patterns and colours of the web and decided to replicate that by using their own skills as weavers. The brothers then presented the cloth to the King of the Ashanti Kingdom, who was so impressed by its beauty that he made it a royal cloth and declared that only he and his courtiers could wear it.

Over time, the production of the Kente cloth expanded beyond the royal court and became a popular fabric among Ghanaians for various occasions such as weddings, funerals and other important ceremonies.

The cloth was also traded among other tribes and kingdoms, helping them to spread its popularity throughout Africa.

Unique crafting of Kente cloth

The cloth is traditionally crafted using a narrow strip loom, the weaving strips are four inches wide and up to ten feet long that are sewn together to form larger cloth for clothing, bedding and decoration.

One of the most distinctive features of Kente cloth is its intricate patterns and designs that are created using a variety of weaving techniques and colour combinations.

Each pattern symbolizes a unique meaning, like reconciliation, for, e.g. ‘Mpatapo’, and greatness, for, e.g. ‘Adinkrahene’.

The colours used in Kente cloth also have symbolic meanings. Each colour represents a different aspect of culture and tradition, such, black represents spiritual energy and maturity, whereas white represents purity and innocence.

Ghana Team doing traditional dance on arrival in Ivory Coast
Ghana Team doing traditional dance on arrival in Ivory Coast

Traditional Dance performed by Ghanaian goal-keeper

The goalkeeper of the Ghana national team – Richard Ofori, made a notable entrance as the Black Stars landed in Abidjan for the AFCON 2023.

Ofori and his teammates arrived in a colourful manner, decked in vibrant Kente garments. Local cultural dancers greeted the team with a warm reception as they emerged from the airport terminal.

The team also grooved and showed their traditional dance from the Ashanti Region in Ghana, which echoed the local culture.