Good Vision Malawi to donate 12,000 glasses to needy population

Good Vision Malawi will distribute 12,000 glasses to needy people with visual challenges in the country especially vulnerable population

Malawi: Good Vision Malawi will distribute 12,000 glasses to needy people with visual challenges in the country. The organization wants to help the people who can not afford to have eye glasses get the help they need to keep their vision from worsening.

Good Vision Malawi is a sister organisation to One Dollar Glasses, which also works essentially for the same mandate. The organization is working for the better eye health of the people. Good Vision National Distribution Manager, Movan Chirwa talked about the significance of the event.


He made the announcement of the donation on the sidelines of a District Executive Committee (DEC) meeting in Neno. He said they have launched campaign good vision as a way of addressing visual challenges in the country.

They have launched a campaign on good vision with the aim of reaching out to students and teachers who face issues with their vision. Chirwa said that they targeted Neno because it was affected by climate change. Accordingly, the members of the community are struggling with a high number of eye-related issues as well.

The organization has planned to assist almost 12,000 needy people with glasses. The Neno is also  included in the targeted areas. The members of the community have shared that through this initiative, sights of many affected persons can be saved.

“Good Vision Malawi also runs a schools’ programme in central and northern region. They are also planning to bring the programme to the southern region.

Further, the glasses and early intervention can help many members of the community despite popular belief being otherwise.

He added that the organisation is ready to collaborate with stakeholders to achieve their intended goals. He also added that the community members will be required to pay a small fee of K4, 000 each for a pair of spectacles.


Kumwenda noted that the coming of Good Vision to the district, several activities would be carried out including awareness and sensitisation campaigns to all health centres within the district where people will be given the knowledge to ensure that they are aware about eye care and how they can get the glasses.