Health Revenue Assurance Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: HRAA) Acquired by AmeriGuard Security Services

AmeriGuard Security Services Inc purchased 10,000,000 shares of Series A stock at $0.001 per share from Health Revenue Assurance Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: HRAA), Nevada, on September 8, 2021. The purchase resulted in AmeriGuard obtaining about 91% of voting rights in Health Revenue Assurance. An amount of $450,000 was paid as consideration for the shares. David Lazar released Health Assurance from any debt the company owed him.

Change in personnel
Following the move, Lazar, the director and officer, is no longer the CEO, Treasurer, Director, President and Chief Financial Officer. Lawrence Garcia has taken this role. There are no other agreements between AmeriGuard and Health Revenues on the hiring of company directors.


Garcia has worked as CEO of AmeriGuard in Fresno, California. His role involves decision making, strategic planning and managing the company. He is also responsible for all contracts, new and existing, and sales and marketing.
Garcia grew AmeriGuard from a local company with about 30 employees to a company that operates across the U.S. AmeriGuard currently has more than 500 employees. The company now offers Alarm installation, AmeriGuard Security Systems, and the training of security officers via their program The Training Point.

AmeriGuard provides armed and unarmed patrol and security services at government facilities and military bases in the country. They also patrol and guard neighbourhoods, office complexes and shopping centres.
Following the news of the acquisition, Health Revenue Assurance has seen a surge in stock value, with gains rising to 1100% a week after the announcement.

Services offered by Health Revenue Assurance
Health Revenue is a company that offers revenue cycles services to other companies in the healthcare industry in the U.S. It also provides auditing, data analysis, coding audits, contract coding, courses for healthcare providers, ICD-10 transition guidance, education services and consulting services.

Health Revenue works with physicians and medical facilities to provide coding services that enable these facilities to receive payment from insurance companies such as Medicaid and Medicare. The company has worked for more than 900 hospitals in the U.S, including Stanford Medical Centre, NYU Medical Centre, Henry Ford Medical Centre, Hartford Hospital, University Medical Centre of Tucson, Arizona.