Healthcare workers should avoid the illicit practice of FGM: WHO

FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) includes all the processes that involve partial or complete removal of the outer part of female genitalia or other injuries to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. 

Most of the time, traditional medics primarily carry out the practice of FGM. In some cases, there is strong proof that indicates that there is an excellent involvement of health care providers in performing female genital mutilation due to the myth that the procedure is safe and secure when medicalized; World Health Organisation (WHO) strictly requests healthcare providers to not to perform FGM. 


FGM is considered as a violation of the human rights of women and girls as well. It indicates deep-rooted inequality among the genders and also creates discrimination, especially against girls and women. However, these techniques doctors mainly applied to minors violate children’s rights as well. 

The practice of FGM further violates a person right to health and security, including the right to be free from torment and evil and mainly the right to life, and the result most of the time of these cases is ‘Death’.

In addition, FGM has no advantages towards health; however, negative impacts are high on girls and women in numerous ways, including removing healthy female genital tissue and interrupting the normal functioning of the women’s body. 

 Sudden problems due to FGM includes-

  • High Fever
  • extreme bleeding
  • genital tissue swelling
  • infections like tetanus
  • Severe pain
  • urinary issues
  • injuries or wounds healing problems
  • injuries to the nearby genital tissues
  • scare
  • death

The process is mainly performed on young girls between the age group of pre-adolescence, and in some cases, it applies to adult women. 

As per the WHO data from over 30 nations, where FGM has practised in the Western, Eastern and North-Eastern territories of Africa and some countries of Middle East as well Asia, More than 200 million minor girls and women who are alive today have been liked to the practice with over 300 million girls and women.