A boy fell 100 feet down in a well days ago; died

A boy who fell 100 feet down in the well hole died after battling to come out of it for five days. He got stuck there on Tuesday morning, which is located in the northern village of Ighran in Morocco’s Chefchaouen region. 

As per the officials, the rescue team have tried their best to help him and has handled to get down oxygen and water to the 5-year-old boy entrapped down a 105-foot deep well. 

As per the mother of victim ‘Wassima Kharchich’ statement, “I pray and beg God that he comes out safely and alive.”

Furthermore, Please God, ease my pain and his pain in that hole full of dust.”

According to his father ‘Khalid Agoram’, he searched for his son for hours on Tuesday before knowing that he fell down into the well. 

Rescue workers tried to avail oxygen tubes and water to the boy by using the rope but were still unable to reach the hole where he was trapped. According to sources, they also tried to send down a CCTV camera to know the little boy’s condition. 

Rescue workers used five bulldozers to dig a hole similar to the well in an attempt to reach the boy, who is identified as Rayan. However, rescuers have reached 19 meters so far. 

According to the Members of the Red Crescent volunteer ‘Imad Fahmy, ‘ “I tried to talk to the boy and asked if he could hear my voice. There was the response. I waited for a minute that he began using the oxygen.” 

The medical staff was also present at the location to help the boy. They also arranged a helicopter on standby to transport him to the nearest hospital. 

As per the government spokesperson ‘Mustapha Baytas’, the authority closely monitors the situation and studies the different ways in order to help the child and rescue him safe; however, they failed, and they were unable to save the child. 

After the boy died, thousands of Moroccans sympathised with that boy and his family. There was a hashtag spreading all over the online platform #SaveRayan. It was trending on Twitter in Morocco, and Twitter posts have brought global attention to the rescue efforts. 


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