Hold each other’s and move the development agendas

Speaking at a South African Council for Educators – School Management Team Female Conference, which is held at Ingwenyama Lodge from 12 to 13 August 2022, HOD Moyane urged women in the teaching profession to hold each other’s hands in the quest for the total emancipation of each other and she further said:

“Please allow me to convey my sincere appreciation for having this privilege to address you on an important subject that covers our own being and essence.


Three days ago, the whole nation celebrated Women’s Day to honour all the women of our country and beyond.

Today, we honour ourselves as women in the education space.

As mothers, wives, sisters, and aunts, women have to dig deeper in ensuring that we also wear our professional caps while we have to keep the fires burning in our families as well to cater for them.

It is for that reason that women have been the pillars of society, family backbones and up keepers of the nation.

Since time immemorial, women have been the support structure for one another, and that rightly states that it is not just by title that we are called amaqhawekazi, amakhosikazi noma izimbokodo.

These titles reflect our deeds and accomplishment in the day-to-day demands of life. Our adaptability and resilience as women have been our greatest strength in providing for our families, as well as our career progression in the workplace.


There are concerns about our support for one another as women, especially in the workplace.

I am convinced that there is a greater need to fight patriarchy, and unity is the only vehicle that can enable us to make headways in the emancipation of all women, especially those who are poor, unemployed and marginalized.

It is thus my plea to all of us to hold hands and move our developmental movement as women ensuring that we progress in all avenues of life, be it Education, business, the arts, showbiz, law, medicine and all the other professions.

It is time that we don’t only advocate for women’s rights and unity but get involved in activities and programmes that develop women in general. We have made a lot of progress as a nation in advancing women’s rights.

To that effect, in his message to the nation on Women’s Day on Tuesday, President Ramaphosa said:

“In South Africa today, girls learn alongside boys in our primary and secondary schools and receive equal Education.

Last year, more females passed the matric exams and got more distinctions than their male counterparts. There are currently more female students enrolled at institutions of higher learning than males.

Close to half of our Members of Parliament, judges and magistrates are women. More than 60 per cent of public servants are women. In South Africa today, women are champions.

Like our Banyana Banyana, who brought home their first Women’s Africa Cup of Nations trophy last week.”

This statement is an assertion that when women come together in unity of purpose, much can be achieved than our men counterparts.

It has been long established, and now it is common cause that Education is the key driver of national socio-economic development in any nation.

As we are mandated to provide knowledge, skills, values and attitude to our learners and children, we need not fail but soldier on to ensure that our children are afforded the best care and support to be educated.



As Women in Education, we have to grapple with the social ills affecting our children, grandchildren and society at large. It is incumbent on us to stand up against Nyaope, GBV, Rape, Sexual Assault and femicide for society to move closer to our goal of a better life for all.

We must also note that these social ills are hard-hitting to women and mothers in particular. It is for that reason that the African adage that says, “It takes a village to raise a child”, comes alive.

We need to forge a united front with all our men counterparts in our quest to end these social ills ripping our societies apart.

In the Education Sector, we need to play a leading role, and I am proud of all the Women in Education who have taken up leadership roles in their societies.

I am quite aware that women in South Africa make extraordinary contributions every day across all fields of human endeavour, including in business, Education, sports, art, science, agriculture, parenting, and governance. Without these contributions, economies would collapse, communities would fail, and families would fall apart.

This is the beauty of things that, as women, we need to keep and propagate by teaching one another for the development of our communities and society.

We know that by virtue of being a teacher or an educator, one assumes a role of leadership in society. Let alone being a principal.

We thus should use our power of influence to elevate those that are less fortunate than others to lift them out of the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and marginalization.

We know that when we invest in women and girls, we are not only helping them, we are helping the entire human race.

A future in which all women and girls around the world are allowed to rise and achieve their full potential will be a brighter, more peaceful, and more prosperous future for us all.

God has endowed us women with all the qualities we need to make a huge difference in the lives of other people. As we unite for our greatest course, let us show our love and care and make life worth leaving for our daughters and sons, for they are the future, and we can make it brighter for them.

Ngiyabonga.” She concluded.

The South African Council for Educators- School Management Team Female Conference was convened under the theme: 

“Women’s Socio-Economic Rights and Empowerment: Building Back Better for Women’s Resilience!

The Conference also discussed issues relating to the Code of Professional Ethics, Teacher Professionalization, Improving School leadership, Safety of Teachers in Schools,

Continuing Professional Teacher Development and

Empowering women on 4IR Practical Demonstration on Electronic reporting of Professional Development Points:

The CEO of the South African Council for Educators, Ms Ella Mokgalane, graced the Conference.