I am deeply shaken by rape instances from Ethiopian women: Deputy UN Chief

According to the Deputy United Nations, Secretary-General’ Amina Mohammed’ stated on February 11, Friday that ‘She was deeply in shock in order to see the number of rape counts in Ethiopia. She further said that this is a “worst nightmare”, and she was in tears when she was stating this.

While taking, Mohammed stated that she had been left near tears while hearing the experiences of what women in Ethiopia are going through, including gang rape and rapes in front of their children.


She called for accountability for horrors committed against women and recounted the pictures of famine in the crisis-torn country.

She further stated that “In your worst nightmare, you can not imagine what women in Ethiopia are going from, and it is an extremely emotional visit.” “It would be the life ling healing process for many, and still they can not recover from this and especially children who are facing this in Ethiopia.”

War exploded in Ethiopia’s Tigray in November 2020, supporting the Ethiopian government and its allies, including Afar troops, against forces loyal to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which controls the region.

As per the investigation, all sides of Ethiopia are fighting in the war committed violations that may amount to war crimes by the United Nations and Ethiopia, which was published in November. The investigation blames all sides of torturing and killing civilians, carrying out gang rapes and making arrests based on ethnicity.

Mohammed stated on Friday that “everyone is responsible… they were committed across the borders and regions, and added that “Without any doubt, justice and accountability have to be had.”

The government has said it has charged individual soldiers, although it has provided no details, while the TPLF has said any soldiers found guilty would be punished.


The war has been aggravated by drought, which has left many hundreds of thousands of people in Tigray suffering famine.

I saw famine, which is clearly malnutrition, and many other diseases said, Mohammed.