US, allies alleges Sudan military authorities for harassment and intimidation on arrest of 2 global officials

Khartoum: Sudan has alleged that Western criticism of the arrest of two high-profile ex-officials opposed the military rule and charged for corruption, saying it opposed diplomatic standards and practices.

‘Khalid Omer Yousif’ and ‘Wagdi Salih‘ were arrested on February 9 Wednesday, a move Norway, the US, Britain, the EU, Canada, and Switzerland alleged as “harassment and intimidation” by the Sudan military authorities.

According to the Sudanese Foreign Ministry, “This is egregious interference in internal Sudanese affairs, opposed to diplomatic norms and practices.”

Both men had been part of the authorities that was capsized on October 25 and detained in the following weeks. Since that time, military leaders had continuously warned the foreign interferences.

The two ministers were part of the task force that seized assets from members of ousted President ‘Omar Bashir’s regime that have come under fuss from the military. A committee inspecting its work said on Sunday that they found abnormalities.

“The two citizens referred to, and their detention was based on their criminal suspension, not as an outcome of any criminal charges or aim, and the representatives concerned should have taken care to get the exact and clear piece of information from the official sources, said Foreign Ministry.

The coup finished a collaboration between the military and civilian political parties, drawing international censure and plunging Sudan into turmoil, with frequent nationwide demonstrations against the coup and a wave of political detentions.

According to the lawyer, in a week there were, more than 100 people remained in prison, and some 2000 had been arrested and released.

Protests scheduled by neighbourhood opposition committees have drawn hundreds and thousands of people, and 79 were those who lost their lives and more than 2000 were injured in crackdowns.

The surge of arrests has developed after the killing of a senior police officer during a January 13 protest near the presidential palace in Khartoum.

As per the reports, the officer was stabbed to death.

Security forces raided in Khartoum local hospitals where they arrested six people, including injured protestors and women who were visiting him, charging them with being responsible for the killing.

According to ‘Lucy Tamlyn, US charge d’affaires in Sudan, “Random arrests and detentions of renown political figures, civil society activists and journalists efforts to resolve the crisis which is going in Sudan.”