Ilustrato Pictures International Inc (OTCMKTS: ILUS) Appoints an Experienced Sales Director to Focus on Innovative Technologies and Announces Strong Second Quarter of 2021 Results

Ilustrato Pictures International Inc (OTCMKTS: ILUS) is an M&A company that is working on multiple acquisitions while also testing, developing, and certifying innovative technologies to add to its current disruptive patented technology. Moreover, in 2021, acquired three companies. The technology-based company appointed Jason Bolze, an experienced Sales Director, on August 24 to maximize the acquisitions’ potential and the growth of technologies.

About Jason Bolze


Jason Bolze has ten years of sales experience and four years as a Regional Sales Director at Detego Global, a British-based technology company. Also, Jason has experience in business development in Asia, Europe, and the USA. Moreover, he possesses a successful record selling into the technology of the public safety sector. Jason’s experience in the safety technology sector gives him a good understanding of emergency service requirements. In addition, his experience in Artificial Intelligence and Software as a Service and technical knowledge provides an excellent platform for him to develop key areas of focus for the M&A company ILUS.

ILUS Managing Director’s Comments

John-Paul Backwell, ILUS Managing Director, said that he worked with Jason for several years previously, he has seen Jason’s ability to exceed annual sales targets consistently. He also adds that Jason has many relevant experiences, and he achieved a lot in his career. John-Paul said they are building a team that they can trust to deliver results.

ILUS Announces Second Quarter Results of 2021

On August 13, ILUS International Inc announced its second-quarter results of 2021, which shows the profit is up, and the company achieved its growth milestones. ILUS International reports the filing, including the milestone achieved, the company generated revenue in the second quarter of 2021 as $2.86 million. This revenue represents a 462% increase in the income of $509k in the first quarter of 2021. Moreover, ILUS reports that it strengthened its balance sheet with assets and increased profit and revenue to under $24.5 million, and cash has also increased in the bank. ILUS is on a solid path to complete its deals with several new acquisitions in the pipeline, along with two Letters of Intent signed.