TPT Global Tech Inc (OTCMKTS: TPTW) Subsidiary Blue Collar Productions Expands Sales of Original Documentaries and Clarification on Press Release ‘TPT Global Tech and Skybridge West Africa’s Agreement

TPT Global Tech Inc (OTCMKTS: TPTW) announced that its subsidiary Blue Collar Productions, the entertainment branch of TPT Global Tech, completed sales for its documentary ‘The Air of The Time’ worldwide territories. The technology-based company providing telecommunications, media content, and medical technology, TPT Global Tech, announced it on August 26. The worldwide sales of this project are handle by Endeavor Content. Also, Blue Collar is in development on an untitled Docu-series at Amazon Studios and developing documentaries on Rosa Parks.
Mark Rowen’s Statement

Chief Executive Officer of Blue Collar, Mark Rowen, said that the market demand for the new content continues to grow across all OTT platforms. In addition, their current projects continue to position them for a strong push into documentaries and television that started from the ‘A Night At The Movies.’ Rowen said that their current projects are examples of high-quality content which is commercially viable in the current marketplace.

Following Mark Rowen, President, and CEO of TPT Global Tech, Stephen Thomas, commented that Blue Collar’s content aligns perfectly with their company’s focus on using technology to advance the user experience by creating OTT content, advertising solutions, and using data to develop their products continually. Also, TPT Global Tech plans to lunch Super App to deliver content for consumer-facing soon. Additionally, they work to advance their ability to provide high-performing and unique content and subscriber fees in a way no one else offered.

TPT Global Tech Signs Agreement with Skybridge West Africa

TPT Global Tech, a technology-based company, announced it had signed a technology agreement with Skybridge West Africa on August 26. In addition, TPT Global Tech entered a strategic agreement to develop 20 SMART Villages to imitate Duval Country of Florida in West Africa. To create and build nearly 100,000 constructed homes utilizing the latest green technology, Skybridge West Africa accepted participating in a $5B community project for the next five years. This development project consists of new construction and home design, renewable energy, transportation capabilities, waste management technologies, 5G cell towers.