Integrity Health Corporation (OTCMKTS: FTEG) Appoints Rob Snyder As Radiology Clinician And Patty Till As Medical Sales Director

Integrity Health Corporation (OTCMKTS: FTEG) has appointed army veteran Rob Snyder as a Radiology Clinician/Administrator and Healthcare Expert. Snyder will join Integrity Health’s Medical team and bring a new perspective on conventional medicine with him.

Rob Snyder appointed a Healthcare expert and Radiology Clinician
He brings 26 years of experience in healthcare to the company. Most recently, he was a Chief Compliance Officer and Radiation Safety Officer for VibrantMBS. Snyder was in the US Army for ten years, where he trained as a Radiology Technologist. He has worked in general Radiology, Cardiac Cath lab, Computed Tomography (CT), and Interventional Radiology.

Snyder said, “I’m very excited for this opportunity to be a part of Integrity Health Corporation and continue their mission of offering only the highest quality products and services,” Snyder said. “My extensive experience in healthcare, along with certifications in emergency preparedness, will give a whole new perspective in disrupting the normalcy of traditional western medicine.”

Integrity Health Corporation CEO Nelson Grist, “We look forward to working with Rob, as he is someone who brings a variety of skills to the table, from radiology to employee satisfaction.”

Patty Till joins Integrity Health
Recently the company announced that Patty Till had joined the company as the Director of Medical Sales. Patty has worked in business development and management and healthcare sales for more than three decades.

Grist said, “We welcome Patty to our team and are truly thrilled to have her in the role of providing solutions to the healthcare industry and enhancing the health community by building strong relationships with health care facilities. Her experience in team management, experience as a health care consultant and a leader in medical business development are just a few reasons why we are so excited to have her on our team. With Patty we can provide more solutions and create an enormous impact on the Health Care Industry.”