Jushi Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: JUSHF) Has Launched Flower Brands, The Bank, and Sèche in Virginia

Jushi Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: JUSHF), in a statement, announced that the group had launched Flower Brands, The Bank, and Sèche in Virginia. The group has timed the launch of the two Flower Brands to coincide with Commonwealth’s Flower sales.

The company has received approval to sell its premium flower brand
Jushi Holdings Inc has received the due consent of the Virginia Board of Pharmacy to sell its premium flower brand to Virginia patients. The Bank and its value flower brand, Sèche, are the company’s premium flower brand. Famous for its superior plant genetics, The Bank is an award-winning flower brand. As per the rules, registered Virginia cannabis patients will be offered pre-packaged flowers in three-tiered lines, namely Gold Standard, Cache, and Vault.


Meanwhile, The Bank can be purchased at BEYOND / HELLO™ Manassas. The group’s 15 Pennsylvania BEYOND / HELLO™ locations and partner dispensaries in Pennsylvania and Nevada. Also available for purchase at BEYOND / HELLO™ Manassas, the company’s 15 Pennsylvania BEYOND / HELLO™ locations, and partner dispensaries in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Nevada are Sèche, Jushi’s fine grind, fine flower, and pre-rolls brand. In addition, it has come to light that Jushi will make available its in-house flower brands across additional BEYOND / HELLO™ Virginia locations as and when they open. The separate line of products will also be sold at partner dispensaries in the Commonwealth in the weeks and months to come.

CEO of Jushi Holdings Inc is excited to make available the flower to medical cannabis patients in Virginia
Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and Founder of Jushi Holdings Inc went on record and thanked the Virginia Board of Pharmacy for being a trusted partner and for the support they have rendered in expanding the wide range of safe, legal, and tested cannabis products. As a result, medical cannabis patients in Virginia have access to the products.

The Chief Executive Officer added that from the time the group began serving and catering to the needs of patients at the BEYOND / HELLO™ Manassas dispensary in December 2020, the group has focused on enhancing customer experience at the store, besides offering the users the best possible range of products. Vaporization cartridges and cannabis-infused chewables are a part of the group’s product portfolio. With the addition of Flower Brands, the group has expanded its product portfolio and is leaving the user spoilt for choice.

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