TPT Global Tech Inc’s (OTCMKTS: TPTW) Social Media App Christened VOICOPS is Live

TPT Global Tech Inc (OTCMKTS: TPTW) has introduced a social media application called VOICOPS, which is now LIVE. The app is available in perfect time for Amazon’s Medieval New World video game.

A sneak peeks into the social media app
The company, TPT Global Tech Inc., which has introduced the VOICOPS app, calls it the debut gaming-focused application that provides its users with REAL-TIME Looking-for-Group (LFG) function. The application also allows users to form groups and take advantage of the live audio chat facility in the dedicated chat rooms.


Furthermore, the gaming social media app allows users to switch to the audience mode and listen in action from each team. Any number of users can participate in the audience mode simultaneously. Besides this, the VOICOPS application has a plethora of in-house social media features that allow users to post articles, videos of game-play, and links to YouTube videos.

VOICOPS users will be able to open public or private live audio room
VOICOPS offers its users the comfort of finding audio chat groups of their choice that are listed LIVE. The audio chat groups are featured in real-time gaming platforms across the globe. At present, new world games lack any features to handle in-game interaction of this magnitude. Furthermore, a majority of the gaming platforms lack a superior level of functionality. However, VOICOPS makes up for all this and gives users the ability to open a live audio room both in public and in the private domain.

Live news feed allows users to post articles
Another feature that caught our attention is the live news feed of the VOICOPS app. This feature allows users to post articles, YouTube videos, photos about subjects like the games they enjoy playing. Through this feature, users can become a part of the Medieval New World Community. In addition, YouTube video creators have every reason to celebrate as they can post links of their respective YouTube videos that can, in turn, help them reach a larger audience.

CEO of TPT Global Tech Inc, Stephen J. Thomas, went on record and expressed that the group is honored to be the pioneer to go live with plenty of interactive features that the gaming community can take advantage of and benefit from.

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