Kevin Connolly revealed that he and his new born little girl were infected with Covid-19!

Recently, Kevin Connolly, the American actor cum director revealed that he and his little daughter, Kennedy Cruz, were infected with Covid-19.

The actor, on Friday, appeared in an Interview and spoke to the host ‘Doug Ellin’ at the Podcast of  ‘Victory the Podcast.’ Kevin stated, “I like to think I’m a pretty responsible person, even now that I have a baby. But I don’t know man … whatever this new Delta variant is. F—k man, I got sick.”

He continued and noted, “It’s been hard. Anyone that has a kid knows that it’s hard when your kid is sick, you know? Because there’s really nothing you can do for them.”

The director claims that the symptoms of the infection were harsh but yet were fie to be managed. Kelvin also clarified that he is grateful for he had been vaccinated against the virus. However, his little daughter, Kennedy has been ‘giving her best,’ to cope up with the infection.

Thus, Connolly said, “It’s just the congestion part, but the fever is down and we’re all back on the road to recovery. It’s a close call.”

In June, Zulay Henao, Kelvin’s girlfriend officially declared about the birth of their first child.

She wrote, “Kennedy Cruz Connolly ☘️ 🇨🇴 The purest love you can imagine, nothing compares💕 The realest answer I can give to hopefully answer all of your questions/dm’s: Life gives you exactly what you need every step of the way! Big cheers & amen to that!”

Zulay shared this news on her Instagram feed and wrote, “Thank you Kennedy, bringing you into this world has been the biggest honor of my life! Thank you @mrkevinconnolly @zumarste3 @lina_marcella_henao for holding me up every step of the way ❤️.”

Meanwhile, the actor also wrote, “She has arrived!!! Kennedy Cruz Connolly ready to go for game 6!!!! ‘Trying to explain that we need to win one of the next two games to move on is tough. She’s only a week old!!’ @zulay_henao Thanks for getting her ready for puck drop!!!”