Kyambogo student who went ‘missing’ after losing tuition fees found

Africa, Kampala: One of the college students, ‘Julius Osula’, a first-year student at Kyambogo University, who went missing after losing his tuition fees to sports betting, has finally been found by police officers around Arua Park of Kampala.

According to the spokesperson, Kampala Metropolitan Police’ Luke Owoyesigyire’ Osita was found yesterday (Wednesday) and handed over to Jinja Road Police. Police handed him over to his parents today (Friday).

Osuta states he ran away from school because he was stressed after he lost his tuition fees in sports betting.

Furthermore, Owoyesigire urged his parents via his statement that he stated that “We have urged his parents to give him psychosocial support immediately.”

On April 7, 2022, Osuta was first reported missing at the Kyambogo police post. He resurfaced after a day before disappearing again.

As per the reports, he consumed a total of Shs620,000, which was sent to him by his father on April 7, 2022, in betting.

According to Osuta’s sister, Gloria Ekizi, the family first knew about the missing report. His classmate gave this news was given to them by his classmate, who called his father, trying to find out Osuta’s whereabouts.

Osuta basically hailed from the Zombo district. He and his family reside in a rental house in neighbouring Banda, a Kampala region. He is in his bachelor’s degree in Statistics at Kyambogo University.

There was a similar case like this which was reported by the Police of Kampala in which Moses kyambadde was also a student at Ndejje University, but he had suicide after he allegedly lost Shs 1 million and he also lost in sports betting.