Malawi Red Cross society to heighten disaster relief

Malawi Red Cross Society has started working on upgrading their disaster response for the rainy season and donated essential items to people.

Malawi: The Malawi Red Cross Society has started working on upgrading its disaster response for the rainy season. Many districts of Malawi will be affected by flooding and heavy rains leading to disastrous situation for many families.

Humanitarian organizations have taken responsibility for helping the victims of the floods in many districts of the country. The organization observed that the effect of the floods in several districts, including the Nkhotakota is huge.


The Malawi Red Cross society has been working to upgrade the disaster relief and mitigation efforts. They have secured many equipment for the benefit of the people struck by disasters.

MRCS Director of Programs and Social Development, Prisca Chisala talked about the significance of their stops for the overall security of Malawi. She noted that they will intensify resource mobilization and assessments of peoples’ needs to reach out to more flood survivors.

The MRCS Director of Programs and Social Development made these remarks at the donation drive in Nkhotakota district. The officials distributed non-food items to the flood survivors in the district to help them remain healthy.

The donation drive was hosted on Sunday, where the Malawi Red Cross Society donated items valued at approximately 125 Million Kwacha. Several members of the MRCS and other disaster management agencies were at the event.

Chief Disaster Preparedness Officer for the Department of Disaster Management Affairs – DODMA, Natasha Mbengo attended the donation event. She talked about the further steps they want to take to benefit the affected persons.

Mbengo said some households that have been affected by the floods in Nkhotakota will need to be allocated new land. She reasoned that their original pieces of land were no longer suitable for settlement. She said Nkhotakota District Council will facilitate a process to provide new land.


The country’s people have extended their best wishes to the Malawi Red Cross Society for their work towards the welfare of the people. They thanked the organization for giving hope to the needy.