Mao hails Oulanyah for his loyalty and recalls his last moments

On Thursday, hundreds of friends, colleagues, leaders, and members assembled at the NRM party headquarters in order to pay tribute to the deceased former speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, during an exceptional memorial service.

They gave a special tribute during the service; according to Democratic Party President Nobert Mao” he met with Oulanyah in 1988, and since then, their friendship has changed into a brotherhood.

Furthermore, Mao stated that the relatives we choose. If we are honest, some of our brothers and I wish we were born in another family. When you select friends, they automatically become your relative. Jacob Oulanyah came, my relative. If Jacob were to be alive as a speaker and vice-chairperson of NRM and Mao was to lie dead in a coffin, and DP was to hold a memorial service, Jacob would not have hesitated to go to DP headquarters to eulogize me.

According to Mao, when Oulanyah crossed to the NRM, he showed loyalty to the ruling party that he said he loved so much.

He lived his life fullest and dared to make a decision that was not easy for all to take. You are then misguided if there was anyone with doubts about Oulanyah’s love for his NRM party. I personally salute him for loving and serving his party faithfully and gratefully.

The NRM’sfirst national vice chairperson, Moses Kigongo, could not agree additional with Mao on the loyalty and hard work that Oulanyah showed while serving his party.

Additionally, Kigongo stated that he was very loyal to his party despite all the things and efforts that Jacob Oulanyah did. He really works hard to win support for the party in Northern Uganda. We really should celebrate his life forever. He did a great job for the party, especially for the Northern region when they had not accepted the movement in the area. We won the north in the just concluded general elections,”” Kigongo said.

He noted that his legacy is worth celebrating and imitating.

The NRM Secretary General, Richard Todwong, stated the former speaker was one who was so forgiving but also an advocate of reconciliation.

“When he joined NRM, he came with fascinating examples of humility and forgiveness. He would forgive anybody. He would reach out to those he disagreed with on the phone and speak to them. For those who didn’t support him in the previous speakership election, he was calling them and asking to work together and forget the past,”Todwong said.

Oulanyah is an example of unity for us. We should forgive one another and reconcile. It will take us far, and if we do not do it, we will hurt our party.

The NRM Secretary-General also praised President Yoweri Museveni for allowing Oulanyah to serve the country and that this way, he was able to exhibit his rare qualities.

“President Museveni allowed him to shine and excel, and because of that, we have discovered his potential. We thank the president and the NRM party for loving him and giving him a platform to shine.”