NRM’s Todwong praises tourism sector for contribution in Uganda’s development

The National Resistance Movement party Secretary-General Richard Todwong has ordered in the role tourism sector’s towards the development of Uganda.

Todwong, who was interacting with communities near the Bwindi Impenetrable wildlife conservation center on Tuesday as part of his working visit to the Kigezi sub-region, stated that tourism is a key driver of economic inaction which people generate income from natural resources as well as government also earning through taxes.


According to Todwang, tourism is the sector in Uganda that is contributing more to Uganda’s economy. The only industry’ tourism’ is the industry that is contributing 77.5 percent of the total GDP and 6.7 percent of full national employment. As talk about employment, the tourism sector is the one which employs many people in the transport sector, tour guides, hotel operators, craft dealers and farmers who sell their farm produce to tourists.

He urged public members to preserve these florae and fauna for the sector’s sustainability.

The NRM Secretary General also hailed the Sector of Uganda Wildlife for their efforts to protect the various game parks around the country.

According to Todwang, “We would like to appreciate Uganda Wildlife Authority and their community members around Bwindi wildlife conservation, a game park mainly famous for mountain gorillas and also famous for protecting flora and fauna.

He also requested all Ugandans and international tourists to spare their time and make a visit to these endowed parts of Uganda in order to praise the beauty of nature.

“When you visit places in Kigezi that serve the two-game parks of Bwindi- Mgahinga wildlife conservation, you will appreciate that Uganda is a Pearl of Africa, as Winston Churchill said,” he noted.


To promote tourism through culture, the Secretary-General spent some part of his time in order to interact with Batwa people who traditionally lived in the Eastern DRC forests and part of southwestern Uganda before assimilating into a new culture. The indigenous inhabitants of the area, as history states, showcased their artistic dances.

Todwong, who booted off his week-long working visit to the Kigezi sub-region, will head to Kisoro district, where he is expected to interact with party leaders to set a tone for party mobilization and sensitization and assessment of salient issues in the area.

NRM party senior directors accompany him; Deputy National Treasurer, Kyatuhaire Jaqueline, NRM party Electoral Commission Chairman, Dr Tanga Odoi, Director for Mobilization, Seninde Rosemary and Director for Communication and public relations, Emmanuel Lumala Dombo.