Millionaire Wicknell ask BaTroy to have license before he gifts him car

Zimbabwean millionaire Sir Wicknell has offered a musician Ba Troy to bought a car for him and have a driving license.

Zimbabwe: A well-known Zimbabwean millionaire ‘Sir Wicknell’ has offered a musician Ba Troy, to buy a car for him.

Ba Troy is a famous singer who sang the song ‘shungu dzemoyo wangu’. The renowned millionaire has promised the singer to buy a car only on one condition: he should first register for his driver’s license.


While sharing a post upon this Sir Wicknell wrote, “Ba Troy, No valid driver’s license No provisional. I can’t and will never buy someone without a license a car.”

The post was actually a response to a video which was made by Ba Troy in a combi asking millionaire Sir Wicknell to help him with a car.

Fortunately, Sir Wicknell saw his video and offered to buy him a car on the condition that he must get a driving license first.

As soon as the post was shared, many followers and users supported the millionaire and responded positively.

A user Ginjah T Music, commented, “I think if it was from the bottom of heart, he should have assisted him from the license coz you can’t take it for free.”

Another user, Va Chipunza commented, “That’s very reasonable, u can fail academically but license it’s a must have nowadays.”


T.A.T Audius Official wrote, “I know we don’t know each other but to everyone who is reading this now. I wish you all the beat in life and god bless you.”

Another fan of Sir Wicknell wrote, “Wicknell Chivayo my role model. Continue doing what is good sir.”

Mwana Wamai Hondo Chikore commented, “I think he is right; a driver’s license is a must these days.”

A person with username Machinga Machinya Rosemary Diana on facebook wrote, “Go and get a license Ba Troy and God Bless You.”

Wellington Zidutch reacted to the post, “When opportunity arrives, its too late to prepare.”

Another person Illet Varaidzo Moyo favoured both the celebrities and wrote, “Thank you Sir haa Shungu dzemoyo wank ma1 baTroy deserves more.”

Tadiwanashe Raramai reacted and expressed, “If he truly wants to buy a car, he can just buy a car and give it to the owner without any conditions.”

Numerous people have shared their responses and supported the millionaire and said that he is right as it is not correct to drive a car without having an official license to drive it.