Ministry of Youth, Gender, Sport and Culture Botswana urge youth to speak about GBV issues

Salajwe: Young people from the Salajwe locality have urged to speak out and report issues of Gender Based Violence to the law enforcement authorities.

The above was said by Sub Inspector Mr Seabo Taolo, who is stationed at Letlhakeng Police Station at a Youth Pitso held yesterday in Salajwe. He called on the youth, especially men, to report abuse, as men are always reluctant to report such issues. 

He urged them to do away with the mentality and the perception that men are strong and can never be abused, as the saying victimizes this gender and shuts them down whenever they are abused.



The event organised by the Gender Affairs Department under the Ministry of Youth, Gender, Sport and Culture was one of a series of activities leading towards the commemoration of International Men’s Day this Friday.

According to Principal Gender Officer, Mr Lentswe Motsamai, Botswana will be celebrating the men’s positive contributions to society, community, family, marriage, childcare, and the environment.

The entourage comprised the village and MYSC leadership. Kgosi Thwane of Artesia in Kgatleng District is one of the National Gender Commission members.

International Men’s Day will be commemorated tomorrow at Salajwe Main Kgotla for 0800hours.

Society always celebrates women’s day or mother’s day, but many civilians aren’t even aware of the day which is meant to cherish men’s or boys’ lives, their contributions and their achievements. 

Moreover, men are also contributing to the nation, union, society, family, marriage, community and childcare. 

The aim behind the celebration of International Men’s day is to cherish the contribution of men in various aspects of society as well as highlight the issues that men face in their daily lives. Issues like Gender-based violence are very common in society, but it is often overlooked that men can also face problems like this; they always treat them as individual solid men, but somehow they forget that he also has the same heart as women. 


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