Mozambique’s President in Uganda for three days visit

The retired senior military officer and Uganda politician ‘Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa’, who is the ninth and incumbent. 

He tweeted with his official Twitter account in which he wrote, “We have agreed with H.E Felipe Jacinto Nyusi to renew our countries’ commitment to strengthening areas of cooperation, particularly in the fields of; Defense and Security, Immigration, Agriculture, Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Development.”


On Wednesday mid-day, Mozambique’s President Felipe Jacinto Nyusi and First Lady Isaura Ferrào Nyusi arrived in Uganda, and she is on a three-day state visit following an invitation by President Museveni.

The people of Uganda were very happy after her visit. She listened to the people’s issues, and when President Museveni tweeted the pictures of her, people’s response was unexpected; every single person wrote positively about her. 

And the primary concern of people was “the rising prices of commodities”, which are at their peak nowadays in Uganda. 

One of the Twitter users, Arinda Adams, wrote “Mzee Museveni but why can’t you reduce the price of the commodities.”


A famous page in Uganda named JORDAN POSTS gave a reply to Adams in which he stated; It’s a global problem brought as a result of Russia – Ukraine crisis! 

And second of him was for Museveni, “Thank you, H.E, for your commitment in advocating for unity within African leaders, which is beneficial not only for Uganda but Africa at large in terms of socio-economic transformation, politically & strategic security!” 

Moreover, this is a great sign of creating and making a good relationship between Uganda and Mozambique. 

However, Mozambique and Uganda have already enjoyed good relations of friendship, solidarity, cooperation and camaraderie since the national liberation struggle arising from the 1970s during the days of Frelimo, as the country fought for independence.

Mozambique exports mainly seafood, cashew nuts, sugar and coal to Uganda, while Kampala exports maize, beans, timber, fruits, beef, and coffee to Maputo.