Government issues tough steps

As per the reports, which indicates that the government of Africa imposed strict measures on those who are seeking domestic employment abroad.

According to the new criteria, these will have to check with the further externalization of the labour monitoring unit at the foreign affairs ministry or risk being stopped at the airport.


Among stated that the primary need of these criteria is a medical examination from a recognized medical facility, a training certificate from a licensed institution, travel documents and employment status, among others.

There are some predictions that there is an average of 24,086 Ugandans who will leave the country annually in search of employment, especially the countries in the Middle East.

As per the reports of Gender migrant labour report, this report is 2016-2022, which indicates that nearly 16,397 Ugandans left the country between January and February this year.

But as more Ugandans journey to aim employment, so has the increase in crime.

According to Jeje Odongo, Foreign Affairs Minister that these websites that “externalization of labour has been used as a cover for human trafficking, organ harvest among other negative vices.”

In order to facilitate the sector, the new scheme of diaspora desk to work closely with the ministry of gender is introduced by Foreign Affairs ministry.


According to Odongo, “We have now created an externalization of labour monitoring unit which will have a record of all companies in the business.

“Those who are aiming to do work abroad will have to pass a checklist issued by externalization of the labour monitoring unit.”

In all these requirements, companies will have to submit the information on individuals’ travel documents, workers’ employment contracts highlighting the expiration period, domestic workers’ addresses, and a training certificate from a licensed institution.

Each person will be subjected to a medical examination report from a recognized health facility before departure, a medical report from the respective country before return and a confirmatory test upon arrival back in the country.

Odongo said the information then would be shared with the different countries for accountability purposes.

“If you don’t have these requirements, security at the airport won’t allow you to leave,” he asserted.