Mumbai airport custom arrests South African national with Rs 56cr heroin

An official stated that an African national was arrested on February 28, Monday, at Mumbai (India) airport after the customs department seized 8 kg of heroin worth rupees 560 million from the international market.

When they saw the woman, they doubted her intentions by her body posture, and she was not at all ready for eye contact, and when they checked her bag, they found packets of white powder, when they examined deeply, they found it that white powder is the heroine.


Police of Mumbai registered that case under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, and further investigation are going on.

On Saturday, the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of the Customs department arrested a South African national for allegedly smuggling Heroin worth Rs 56 crores at the international airport. The said contraband was concealed in the baggage and was caught during the baggage examination.

As per the reports of AIU officials, the Customs team stated that the lady came from Johannesburg to Mumbai. “Examination of the passenger’s baggage resulted in the recovery and seizure of 8-kilogram off-white powder which was tested as Heroin.”

During the investigation by an investigation team, she confessed that she took these drugs in Johannesburg.

According to the agency officials, the captured woman worked like a donkey or carrier of consignment and had agreed to smuggle the contraband instead of money. “People who do not have a good economic background work as carriers in lieu of money or free tours. These carriers are given to them by the suppliers, in which they need to hand over the person who is going to meet them outside the airport.

Furthermore, the official stated that when the person who will receive the parcel realises that the carrier is taking more time than usual to come out from the airport, they simply leave that place.


This is the second time this seizure is happening in the international airport within a month. On February 13, another woman was arrested while she was carrying 8 kilograms of drugs worth rupees 60 crores.

The said contraband was concealed in an executive bag and two file folders in the trolley bag.