Nukkleus Inc (OTCMKTS: NUKK) Announces Partnership with Monogram Blockchain to Provide Payment for MG Token

A digital asset service company with multi-asset technology, Nukkleus Inc (OTCMKTS: NUKK), announced its partnership with Monogram Network on September 14, 2021, in a press release. Nukkleus is partnering with a leading blockchain public ledger to support the providence of its MG Token. The partnership is the next step forward in Digital RFQ Limited by providing security and particular faith to the investors to enter the digital asset platform and crypto and benefit from the performance.

Moreover, the MG Token shows an interest in encouraging global assets with plans to expand into real estate and renewable energy. Monogram Networks’ investors can leverage real-world assets with logging, tracking, and tracing. Additionally, to ensure all the payouts are made to the token holders, the token is made to be facilitated through Digital RFQ. As a result, the MG Token holders can acquire their payouts highly efficiently and securely. Similarly, crypto has gained momentum in unregulated markets in recent times. However, investors have faced various risks, technical issues, and banking infrastructure barriers. The UK institutional-focused crypto company, Digital RFQ, registered with FCA to handle investors’ money to eliminate these factors.


Management Statement

Chief Operating Officer of Nukkleus, Jamie Khurshid, stated that to introduce Digital RFQ’s strategy which has been to institutional service clients, now to support institutional size volume for cross border transactions, addressing the risks of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. He also adds, Nukkleus spent three years establishing the infrastructure and capabilities to provide the service. Mr. Khurshid was excited about the hard work paying off with client contracts being signed with Monogram. With Nukkleus’ client volume increasing through collaboration like Monogram, they will anticipate considering their options to enhance acquisition chances that strengthen and extend their crypto portfolio globally.

Debra Domeyer, Chief Executive Officer of Monogram, stated that they are excited to partner the team at Digital RFQ to facilitate their Monogram Token. Unlike other digital asset platforms, which are focused on small retail flow, the team at Digital RFQ clearly understands what it takes to securely transact and settle the sort of volumes they need for their investments.

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