Fernhill Corp’s (OTCMKTS: FERN) Roadmap for the Crypto Mining Platform and the Re-launch of the Perfect Mine website

Fernhill Corp (OTCMKTS: FERN) is a technology developer who also owns high geared software solutions. They mainly pay attention to cryptocurrency mining, digital asset trading, and infrastructure applications specifically designed for the blockchain ecosystem. This Fernhill corporation is also an essential member of the Crypto Climate Accord that supports and pursues ESG initiatives. The primary vital factor of Perfect Mine is that it simplifies, upgrades, and automates the blockchain.

A recent press release on September 29, 2021, in Las Vegas, where the Fernhill Corporation proudly launched the convenient and feasible Crypto mining website called Perfect Mine. This software service renders an upgraded mining operation to the customers. Also, it has multi-option cryptocurrencies & token mining like – Ethereum,  Litecoin, Minero, Ravin Coin, and a multi-card support system which is highly uncommon in the industry. Furthermore, this upgraded website also has three significant features like ASIC Mining, Green mining pools, and Staking, which might be released in the nearing future. These features will make the platform serve better.


Management Statement

CEO of Fernhill, Marc Lasky, briefly described his excitement in introducing this upgraded user-friendly website, Perfect Mine. Then, he mentioned their marketing strategy in growing the revenue. Also, he states about the new functionality, features, and services added in the roadmap, which makes it a unique approach compared to their competitors. Lasky positively says and believes that the future of Fernhill Corporation looks so bright. And he ensured that they would deliberately focus on supporting the customers by rendering value-based tools and service systems.

Fernhill EVP of engineering, Nathanael Coonrod, said Perfect Mine is a substantial mining website. He also mentioned that this launch on Perfect Mine helped them find out the high-demand services and render them as a mixture of services into the platform. Providing these potential services might have made them a leading Crypto mining platform in the industry. He feels proud and excited about the proper focus and direction the Fernhill Corporation is stepping forward.