Oulanyah was young but left a big impact in no time, says Museveni

As today is the last day of the Parliament Speaker in Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni described his significant ruling in the NRM party and stated that he used his talents well in order to give benefit the country.

Museveni tells mourners on Wednesday that “there is no doubt that Oulanyah was young but had already made an effect. As NRM, we started negotiating with him when he was the chairperson of the Parliamentary legal committee. Although he was still in UPC, we saw that he had potential.”


“He broke free from opposition sectarianism and made valuable contributions to the country.” When we encouraged Oulanyah to take on the role of Deputy Speaker, he used the opportunity to broaden his horizons. It was a huge loss to lose him because he was on the rise, and the country would benefit from him.”

Furthermore, Museveni stated that earlier we faced problems of dicision in the country and specifically in Northern Uganda, and many administrations failed to sort that issue.

According to the president, whereas the ruling NRM government tried to solve the problem, Oulanyah ran it up when he was voted the NRM vice chairperson for Northern Uganda last year.

“He had already done a good job in uniting northern Uganda. Bad politics had messed it up. When he became vice-chairperson in a short time, he had heightened unity. I need to salute Oulanyah and commend him as an example.”

The president also warned against tribalism that had started to display itself following Oulanyah’s death.

Moreover, he added, “I don’t want to hear talk of northern. He wasn’t the speaker of the north but Uganda. When you hear about opportunities in Uganda, tell them to keep your mouth shut. NRM helped him not because he was this or because he was a good cadre. He would never have succeeded if NRM didn’t help him. Ugandans helped him because of his patriotism and pan Africanism and not his clan.”


According to Museveni, Oulanyah used his talents very well, and his death was a big loss to the country.

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