Over 16 dead and dozens injured in Cameroon nightclub fire incident

Around 16 people have been reportedly killed and eight others injured in a fire at a popular nightclub in Yaounde, in Cameroon’s capital, after the fireworks used in the Yaounde club came under fire.

The reported fire in the club was that “fire was occurred by fireworks in the club as per sources.”

The fire destroyed the main room of Liv’s Night Club in the capital’s exclusive Bastos district, which is home to embassies and delegate residences.

According to the authorities, the fire extended to a place where cooking gas was being stored.

As per the government spokesperson “Rene Emmanuel Sadi”, “We are still investigating the names and nationalities of those who lost their lives and were critically injured.

According to the communication ministry, “The tragedy occurred because of the blast from the fireworks which is often used in these places; first, they consumed the building ceiling, resulting in two thunderous explosions, causing panic and a stampede.

They added that “there were loud eruptions from six has bottles, resulting in panic in the area, and eight others were injured and taken to the Yaounde’s Central Hospital.

According to the Security guard present, everything happened so quickly that we didn’t have the time of second to think about what happened.

He added, “It was a little after 2 am, and most of our customers arrive around 3 am, and there are many victims.”

The happening comes as the nation hosts thousands of football players, fans and match administrators from across the mainland for the monthlong African Football Cup of the Nations Tournament.

Moreover, Cameroon President Paul Biya called them to calm down and at the same time gave surety to them for the safety of the Afcon players and their fans.

However, the championship, featuring teams from 24 countries, was initially planned for 2021, but then it was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The city police have founded an investigation in answer to a presidential directive.