Regen Biopharma Inc (OTCMKTS: RGBP) Gets Approval for Cancer Vaccine Patent

Regen Biopharma Inc (OTCMKTS: RGBP) had its antigen-specific mRNA cellular cancer vaccine patent approved on August 17. The announcement is to be made when the company goes pink current.

Regen is a biotechnology company that focuses on immunotherapy and immunology. Currently, the company is trying to improve small molecule therapy to treat autoimmune diseases and cancer. The company is also focused on using small molecules and gene silencing to develop drugs that treat blood disorders.

Antigen-Specific mRNA cellular cancer vaccines

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, antigen-specific mRNA cellular cancer vaccines are cancer vaccines where a modified mRNA is administered to encode immunogenic epitopes that are then produced intracellularly. By inducing the expression of the desired antigens, intracellular generation of immunogenic peptides is triggered. The result is that the adaptive immune system is exposed to a wider variety of epitopes, thus increasing the chance of a successful immune response.

What is next for Regen Biopharma?

Regen has a history of making big moves that impact their share value. For instance, this year, the company and its subsidiary KLS entered into an agreement with oncology pharma, Inc, which surged its stock price to $O.175. In the agreement, Regen granted to license for the production and commercialisation of intellectual property for the treatment of pancreatic cancer in humans for fifteen years from April 7, 2021.

After this move, investors are curious to know what is next for the company. There have been talks among investors of a potential merger with Precigen Inc (NASDAQ: PGEN). These rumours are supported by the fact that Precigen CEO Helen Sabzevari is on Regen’s Scientific Advisory Board. PGEN also has an extensive clinical trial pipeline in Immunology-oncology that includes the making of mRNA vaccines. Both companies use the exact mRNA vaccine mechanism.
Another indication of a merger or acquisition is the filing of an 8K by the company’s CEO David Koos. The 8K he filed would give Koos exclusive control of voting rights in negotiations for the sale of the company to prevent a hostile takeover. He also filed another 8K to resolve a lawsuit. An unresolved case could complicate an acquisition as few companies want to buy a company with legal problems.