Nestle S A Expands R&D Facilities in Singapore, Making the 40th Anniversary

The R&D center is one of the significant innovative product development facilities in Singapore. Also, it provides innovative technologies and products for South East Asia and both Nestle’s out-of-home business and retail. Therefore, there is no doubt that the R&D center playing a significant role in product and technology development. In addition, Nestle’s scientists believed that products are customized to local users’ preferences, such as nutritional and taste requirements. Thus, the R&D center acquires a unique position in an innovation ecosystem and enables strong collaborations, research institutions, and start-ups.

Chris Johnson’s Comments

Chief Executive officer for Zonal Asia for Nestle, Chris Johnson, said that all types of food are local. So if someone needs to be successful in their business, they need a good understanding of the people and the flavors they love, the dishes they love to serve to their friends and families. That’s why it’s significant to have a research team in Singapore, in the core of South East Asia, a heart of excellence driving product innovation in Asia.

Moreover, Nestle features experimental kitchens, sensory evaluations cabins, consumer testing, open working places, and Nestle’s research hub to upgrade the facilities to strengthen the innovation capabilities. Also, Nestle believes this upgrade will enable breakthrough science into great tasting, nutritious for people in all life stages. In addition to that, the upgrade also allows a new R&D Accelerator, a Nestle’s part of global R&D Accelerator, which will provide the best platform for students, start-ups, and Nestle’s employees to enhance and test novel concepts. Also, they will have access to Nestle’s R&D facilities, co-working places and facilitate the upscaling of products for a test in actual market launch conditions.

Thomas Hauser’s Statement

Head of the Global Product Development of Nestle says that their R&D facilities in Singapore have a history of developing products for Southeast Asia are inspired by the various local cuisines and cultural diversity. He also adds that the new R&D Accelerator in the upgraded facility shows their long-term commitment, and they will also respond to beverage and food trends and challenges.