Shares of Peak Fintech Group Inc (OTCMKTS: PKKFF) Gain Approval to Trade at Nasdaq Stock Market

Peak Fintech Group Inc (OTCMKTS: PKKFF) is quite pleased to move into a new era, and that is having its stock trade at the Nasdaq Capital Market (“NASDAQ”). Nasdaq Stock Market LLC has been reviewing its application and finally given a nod that walks the company to its latest success.

The approval and what it means
The company considers the approval to its listing to be a new dawn that will see it improve its market position and fetch higher revenues. The company’s CEO Johnson Joseph is one of the leaders that has applauded the company over its latest success.


Peak Fintech Group Inc struggles in a somewhat competitive business environment and has thus been looking for ways to thrive and improve its ranking. For example, it has been considering expanding its wings to new territories in a quest to reap higher revenues.

It has been taking advantage of the broad market in China, and it believes there is quite a lot to be gained. The company considers the approval for listing at NASDAQ to be a step towards the right direction and showcasing the incredible growth momentum it continues to enjoy in a fast-moving business world.

Joseph’s perspective
Joseph states, “The listing of our shares on the NASDAQ represents a significant milestone for the Company as we look to expand our operations beyond China and share our story with a broader network of investors.”
The body’s nod makes the company more decisive on most of its business moves. It updates its shareholders on what the latest shift means for it and the shareholders, as it anticipates prosperity in the future. Analysts applaud the company, terming the move a gamechanger.

The company’s common shares start trading on the platform effective Thursday, September 9, 2021. Peak Fintech Group Inc reveals it will trade under the symbol “TNT.” It has also disclosed that its common shares will continue to trade on OTCQX, as always has been the case. The symbol has always been “PKKFF” and will continue until the market closes on September 8, 2021.