Social Development Department celebrated June 16 with Grade 8, 9s pupils

Africa: The Department of Social Development and partner stakeholders commemorated June 16 with Grade 8 and 9s pupils from local high schools (Bahale and Kheleng High) of Phomolong, Hennenman.

The stakeholders involved were the community-based organizations, SAPS, CUT, Goldfields TVET, and members of religious organizations in Hennenman.


The celebration of the successes of the 1976 youth was done in an interesting and exciting way. All the alumni and graduates from different higher education institutions, dressed in their graduation attire, marched through the township of Phomolong accompanied by a brass band from a local church.

The theme of the celebration was: “Rise up Phomolong youth and unlock your brighter future”.

The purpose was to inspire pupils to love education and work hard in their studies, and that can be achieved through the creation of an environment that promotes fondness for education.

“It is important to build close relationships with pupils because if there is a gap between the pupils and us, peer pressure, substance abuse, violence and gangsterism occupy that space and consumes their souls”, said Mr J.M. Lichakane, a social worker from DSD Lejweleputswa district.

The pupils that were present were also given career guidance from Central University of Technology and Goldfields TVET College from Welkom.


Furthermore, information was also provided to young people in attendance, where they were made aware of the dangers that come with drug use and/or abuse.