South Africa Health Minister trolled badly after bold statement “open your books and close your legs”

A regional health minister of South Africa has come under fire after giving a bold statement on African school girls. she commented, “open your books and close your legs.”

Health minister “Phophi Ramathuba” made the statement during her visit to a local secondary school in Africa in order to encourage virginity and reduce the teen pregnancy rates in the country.


After the bold statement, she gave various social media platforms started trolling her and saying why she targetted only girls, Is this thing is always one-sided?

After getting so many trolls and hate from citizens, Ms Ramathuba defended her statement, in which she said,” My aim was for boys too.”

The health Minister for Limpopo province was visiting Gwenane secondary school in the township at Sekgakgapeng on January 12 to mark the first day of the new educational year of school and nation.

She said, “To the girl child, I want to say: Open your books and close your legs, Do not open your legs, open your books. Thank you so much.

Furthermore, she added that girls were being seduced by older rich men to use their luxurious life such as smart phones, expensive gifts and all.

The comments flashed criticism after the video of her speech got viral on various social media.


One of social media user said, “This is not an appropriate way to talk to the kids and especially in schools because schools are like temples and talking with kids about sex and consent.”

As per the opponent politician, “Siviwe Gwarube” called the remarks “deeply problematic.”

However, Ms Ramathuba clarified in her statement that she pointed to boys, too, and I told boys to “Focus on their studies rather than to sleep with girls.”

According to government statistics, almost 33,400 girls under the age of 17 will give birth in South Africa in 2020.

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