South Sudan: UN Mission will increase patrols in Unity State due to rising violence

The perpetrators of current escalating violence in Unity state, South Sudan, must be held responsible, according to the UN Mission in the country, UNMISS, in a statement issued on Friday.

The Fighting between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition and armed youths has spread to several villages in Koch, Mayiandit, and Leer, beginning in Mirmir Payam.


As per the United Nations (UN) statement that UNIMISS strongly criticized the violence at that peak time when humanitarian needs were rising, and people were already suffering from the worst flooding in more than ten years.

Killings, rapes and looting:

The violence increased more, especially in the past two weeks.

Civilians have been killed, and multiple other people have been injured or forced to flee their homes. Several properties were destroyed, and they also looted the humanitarian supplies of numerous people during the violence.

In just two days, on February 22 and 23, nearly nine women were suffering from rape, health facilities in Leer town reported.

Furthermore, UNIMISS has appealed to national and local leaders and armed groups in order to stop the violence against women especially.


Their mission is also to provoke national and local leaders to take some immediate steps in a bid to stop these kinds of violence and at the same time reduce the tensions and prevent further escalation of the situation.

UNMISS will increase patrols and continue to collaborate with stakeholders at the state, national, and local levels, as well as with communities, to promote dialogue and reduce tensions and insecurity.

They also planned to conduct some missions in which they would observe the situation and document allegations of violations and abuses.

The statement is also a call for authorities to carry out timely investigations and at the same time encourages the government to hold accountable those responsible for investigating and participating in the violence

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