UN urges Sudan troops to stop shooting at anti-coup protesters

Khartoum: United Nations (UN) has urged the Sudanese forces to stop using live ammunition and tear gas against anti-coup protestors in a crackdown that has killed more than 80 people.

Protestors in the Northern African country had continued since the time when the army chief Gen, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, led a military takeover on October 25, prompting international condemnation and suspension of aid.


The coup destabilized a fragile power-sharing agreement negotiated between the army and civilians following the ouster of long-serving President Omar Bashir in 2019.

According to the United Nations expert, ‘Adama Dieng‘ firing the live bullets on protestors is a huge violation of human rights.

Furthermore, they stated that I am concerned about the violation which is committed by the authorities and the use of bullets against the protestors, which took the lives of 82 people and 2000 people are injured.

Both the UN and the US have previously made similar appeals, with Washington threatening additional “consequences” if the violence continues. The latest victim was a Sudanese man who was shot and killed on Sunday.

One of the Senegalese representatives has been in Sudan for the past four days. He is attending meetings with the leaders of Sudan and with their diplomats and civil society members in order to shed some light on the crackdown.

According to the reports, he is here for fair, independent and professional investigation of the violence against protestors.


Dieng also expressed concern about sexual violence and ongoing anti-coup raids, as well as the fate of approximately 100 detainees who “have never met their lawyers.”

I witnessed many things in which I observed that security forces fired more tear gas at demonstrators protesting the coup as he spoke, he said.

Sudanese authorities have said they arrested several police and soldiers who fired at demonstrators with Kalashnikov rifles, disobeying orders.