Sudan based women rights activist Amira osman arrested during raid

Sudanese women’s rights activist “Amira Osman” charged in the night raid; as per her sister point of view, an armed man arrested “a prominent Sudanese women rights campaigner during night time from her home when they visited theirs for the raid in Sudan’s capital of Khartoum.

Osman’s detention reaches amid activists’ campaign of arrests of polite society and pro-democracy figures since a military takeover in October.


The United Nations mission in Sudan while taking it to the Twitter said it was outraged by Osman’s detention, noting a “pattern of roughness against women rights activists” that attempted to reduce their participation in politics.

However, Sudanese officials did not respond to a request for comment.

He added that some high-profile political figures got detention after the October 25 coup, but activists say others have remained in prison and continued arrests.

Some 15 armed men came into Osman house who were dressed up in civilian clothes with face masks and stormed her home in the Al Riyadh neighbourhood on January 22 night, her sisters said.

She added, “We do not know where they took her. We are worried because of how they arrested her and her critical health condition; a few years back, she got a paralyzed attack in an accident.

Osman consistently campaigned for women’s rights and stood for women’s, especially those suffering from their homes. She is the one who took the stand last month for a dance teacher after her video got viral on various social media platforms, and she was forced to quit her job, and her husband took a divorce from her.


She always campaigned for women’s rights in Sudan under former President Omar al-Bashir, who was replaced during the uprising in 2019.

She was also arrested in 2013 under public order laws for declining to wear a headscarf and was sentenced and fined in 2002 for wearing pants.